WallaBee 102

by chrisirmo, updated by Mizak and SkipOkane

Now that you’ve mastered some of the WallaBee basics, it’s time to move on to a few more advanced topics.

Dropping/Picking Up Items


Players can drop items at any of the places in the game. The most common reason is to store items you don’t need right now, but might need later on (e.g., you don’t have both items of a mix). Beware, though, that dropped items are fair game to be picked up by any other player.

To drop an item, tap on a “Forageable” place nearby and then the number of items at the top. Tap the “Drop an item” button and you’ll be able to choose an item from your pouch to drop.

Conversely, to pick up an item, tap it in the list of items at a place. You can choose to simply pick it up or “swap” it with an item from your pouch, which trades the dropped item for yours.




Oftentimes you’ll find opportunities to trade with other players to obtain items that are beneficial to each of you. Trading items is simple; tap the Action button on the item you wish to trade, tap “Trade item,” choose the player you want to trade with and the item you wish to trade for. You can also choose to add or request honeycombs alongside the item.

It’s generally good etiquette to discuss trades through messages before sending a trade request out of the blue. The forums within WallaBee contain “The Trading Post” section that can help you connect with other players with whom you can trade.


Selling items


WallaBee offers a Market (accessible through a button in the upper left of the Store) where players can sell items they don’t need to other players (one man’s trash, etc.). You can sell any item in your pouch for a minimum of 250 Honeycombs and a maximum of 50,000 Honeycombs. Obviously lower numbers and rare items fetch the highest prices. Tap an item in your pouch and tap the Action button to name your price and put it in the market.




Sometimes you’ll find items you have absolutely no use for. Perhaps you already have the item in your set, it doesn’t mix and your nearby droppable spots are nearly full. You can always Recycle that item, which drops it at some other random place in the game, often thousands of miles away. Recycled items can be picked up by any other player just like normal dropped items.




As the in-app currency of WallaBee, Honeycombs are in high demand. You can purchase them, of course, but the game is designed to be playable without having to pay, so there are several ways to earn them:




With over 1,500,000 issued at the time of this writing, Mixers are by far the most common item in the game. Mixing two of them together could create any other random item from the game.

The developers also use Mixers as a way to redistribute items from abandoned accounts. After an account has been inactive for 12 months (or 18 if the player made a purchase), its items are put back in to the pool of Mixer items and are occasionally awarded at random when someone mixes two Mixers together. Players have found several #1 items from old sets this way, along with numerous rare double digit (DD) and triple digit (TD) items.

Now that you’ve mastered these topics, you’re ready to move on to the graduate-level stuff in WallaBee 506

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