As of 5pm UTC on 28 Aug 2015, WallaBee has shutdown API access. Parts of this website will not function without the API. After WallaBee turns off the servers on 20 Sept 2015, we hope to obtain player profile info as well as saved item info to make an archive of the accomplishments of the players of WallaBee.


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ItemBrowser is a completely free, unofficial, web-based companion to WallaBee for iOS, developed by mizak and cd.

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    Latest Updates

    • After 20 September 2015 - Itembrowser is going to try and work with WallaBee to provide an archive of players and the items they collected. We will get a partial copy of the database containing information that was normally available through API. We will use this information to re-enable player profiles, saved sets, final stats and leaderboard standings. We are also going to try and provide a web version of Colin's WallaMuseum to see the amazing collection he amassed and distributed around London.
    • 20 September 2015 - WallaBee turns off servers.
    • 28 August 2015 5pm UTC - WallaBee turns off API access.
    • 26 August 2015 - WallaBee Announces Shutdown of the game.
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    WELCOME TO VERSION 4 V3 is still available